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This learning module is a complete revision of one session of the comprehensive learning module Law and Policy of Relevance to the Management of Plant Genetic Resources. Learning Module with Review of Regional Policy Instruments, Developments and Trends (Bragdon et al., 2005). 

This learning module has been completely updated and replaces Session 5 (‘International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture’) of the 2005 version. It has been developed on the basis of experience with a series of training workshops delivered under the FAO/Treaty Secretariat/Bioversity International Joint Programmes of Assistance to Developing Countries on the Implementation of the International Treaty and, in particular, the Multilateral System of Access and Benefit-sharing.

This module has been designed to be delivered in a two-day workshop. It can be used alone as a free-standing module on implementation of the International Treaty or together with the other sessions in the 2005 edition on different aspects of law and policy relevant to the management of plant genetic resources.