Session 2: Understanding and Using the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA)

Training materials for Session 2 include lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations and interactive group practice exercises to reinforce an understanding of the provisions of the SMTA and how to use it in situations that professionals in plant genetic resources can expect to face. Each exercise includes “Practical Considerations” for the exercise which introduces key issues and questions to facilitate group discussions.

Additional handouts to enrich the training include a summary of overheads for each presentation, references to the full-text of relevant laws and policies and a bibliography for further reading.

Other materials for trainers include an Overview with a complete list of handouts, workshop schedule, an evaluation form and Day 2 Instructions for Trainers with a timed schedule of activities and handouts. See also Information for Trainers for a selection of templates, tips, and step-by-step guidelines for planning and delivering a successful training workshop.

Additional information

Other HandoutsInformation for Trainers

 Summary of Overheads for Session 2 (362 KB)

 References Materials (18 KB)

 Bibliography (33 KB)

 Day 2 - Instructions for Trainers (264 KB)

 Day 2 - Schedule (144 KB)

 Overview and list of Handouts (59 KB)

 Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses (8 KB)

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